Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Favorite Wing Chun T Shirt

This is my favorite Wing Chun T shirt featuring Ip Man. I just think it's cool and I love the design. What do you think? Do you have a favorite?

You can get this shirt here

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wing Chun Training Jacket

In case anyone is interested, I thought this was a nice Wing Chun Training Jacket so I thought I would share it here. I've got a picture here at well. They have other designs too.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wing Chun Glossary

Meaning of Wing Chun
Term Meaning(s)
Wing song (or poem)
Chun Springtime, joyful, youthful

Wing Chun Drills
Term Meaning(s)
Chi Gerk sticking feet
dan Chi Sau single sticking hand
Luk Sau double sticking hands

Wing Chun Forms (In Typical Order)
Term Meaning(s)
Siu Lim Tao Little Idea
Chum Kiu Seeking The Bridge
Biu Jee Darting Fingers
Muk Yan Jong Wooden Dummy
Luk Dim Boon Gwun Six and a Half Point Pole
Bat Jam Dou Eight Slashing Knives

Limb Positions
Term Meaning(s)
Bong Sau Wing Arm
Fook Sau Controlling Hand
Kau Sau Detaining Hand
Man Sau Seeking Hand
Tan Sau Dispersing Hand
Wu Sau Protecting Hand

Limb Movements
Term Meaning(s)
Biu Sau Darting Hand
Gaun Sau Cultivating Arm
Gum Sau Pressing Hand
Huen Sau Circling Hand
Jam Sau Sinking Hand
Jip Sau Receiving Hand
Jut Sau Choking Hand
Lan Sau Barring Arm
Lap Sau Pulling Hand
Pak Sau Slapping Hand
Tie Sau Uplifting Hand
Tok Sau Lifting Hand